Dylan's grade 1 study on biographies. I read selected parts of the book to him - then he re read his favorite pages.He took great joy in sharing Rick Wakeman with his classmates.
Click & hold to open the image of his report to a larger window. It's a good report!!!

btw- Dylan also loves his black cat, Max. He has a selection of black cat toys he brings with him sometimes - since he can't bring his real cat.

Being a dedicated YES fan - I, mom, played videos for The Squid when he first started his lessons to show him how cool it was to take piano lessons. Dylan was mesmerized by Rick Wakeman's mastery of the keyboards instantly. He watched the videos repeatedly, which lead to his desiring the purchase his first CD- Return to the Center of the Earth. He listened to it every night for months.... until it finally gave way to his first CD glych! He now has several others to listen to but none can replace that magical moment of his first CD!

I even sent the booklet to the Rick Wakeman Communication Center in the UK asking to have Rick autograph it for him (thanks Wayne!!). Which he did in the middle of a tour! This lead to questions like, "Will I ever get to see him play?"
At the time it didn't seem likely.....

2 and a half years and 2 winning piano competitions later.... Rick is still his idol!!!
HERE IS the story thus far.


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