peaking through the fence
for Rick Wakeman.
guarding Rick Wakeman from little fans.
Dylan was having so much fun and hopes for the evening he even snapped a photo of the security guards who shoed him away.
Didn't they understand he was a VERY important VIP?? (Dylan trying to pick the lock on the gate!!!) How could anyone turn away such a young and dedicated fan?

We were there early enough to catch the sound check- standing outside the fence we could hear Rick and Jon doing some warm ups for the evening. That by itself was fun- like a concert before the concert. They sounded great to all of us waiting outside the wall.

Dylan tried to take a photo through the fence but when you're only a little over four feet tall, it makes it difficult to see anything- so with the help of an unknown YES fan also standing nearby, he was able to catch a snap shot over the top of the fence for Dylan.
Thanks to who ever you are.....

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Trying to pick the lock of the fence to find Rick Wakeman.
peaking OVER the fence
for Rick Wakeman.