"Oh! it was OK!! But there were no clowns, no tigers, lions or bears, candy-floss, toffee apples, no clowns."

just kidding- he loved it!!!
(that's a stimpy nightshirt! gnu!!)

After we dove back to Colorado Springs (reluctantly), Dylan was so wired, he stayed up and watched the rest of The Mask (his favorite actor - Jim Cary). He was up till 3 am!! He woke up the next morning .... er... afternoon, had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then we packed up to go back to the airport!

PAGE 10!!!

Colorado Springs is sooo beautiful!! We want to go back again soon- ok Pete? Thanks for the hospitality!!

Check out the tour shirt he picked out!! He really is a chip off the old block!!

NOTE-6 months after this adventure- Dylan and I went to see YES again in Minneapolis. At the last song, Dylan took his little "Hi Rick" sign and weaseled his way up to the front row of the orpheum theater. He held the note up to the stage, although he was so short, a friend YES fan lifted him up. Chris Squire gestured to Rick to look. Rick looked, smiled, and came around his keyboard. He shook Dylan's hand and said "hi" in return. Then Jon Anderson walked over and also shook Dylan's hand! Needless to say, Dylan was finally riding in that Circus of Heaven!