Fellow YES fan, Pete, is notorious for bunny ears of unsuspecting innocents!!! (Mr. Anderson included) Here was a friendly afternoon lunch before the concert. Still wearing his Invader Zim t-shirt Dylan is having the time of his life with the best yet to come!!
We met up with Pete's friend, Tamara and, drove to Denver for the show. We got stuck in a horrific traffic jam that came out of no where, for no reason.... Commencing the expression, "Are we there yet?"
We met up with Pete's younger brother, Drew, once we were there and had the pick of the parking lot.

mom - aka- Alex, calling home for a check in.

Dylan had his binoculars, his glowing YES 2002 tour hat, his Magnification T-shirt and a water drink (that they made him ditch before the show), and he has a blue sharpie marker in his pocket.... in hopes!!
We had a picnic outside the venue and met some other YES fans also geered up for the concert, hanging out in the empty parking lot before the show in front of the tent where the concert was about to be held - all he is thinking is....
"Where is that guy with our tickets?"

OK... we had to wait till 7 PM to get our second row seat tickets from Eric. Thanks Michele for hooking us up with him- thanks, Eric!!!!

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Where is that guy with our tickets?