AKA - Interview with an 8 Year Old in Search of Rick Wakeman

hear the boy- recorded one year ago.

For those of you not familiar with "The Squid."
Dylan was born October 21, 1993, in the twin cities of Minnesota. He comes from creative and musical backgrounds on both sides of his family. "Grammy" Shirley is a retired music teacher and possibly his biggest fan. Dad (Eliot) plays in a long time local band called The Muddogs. Mom; (me, Alex) after years of dribbling on a variety of instruments, decided she was better at painting.

So when Dylan was just 6 he asked for piano lessons. Naturally everyone was thrilled!!!. It was his own choosing- and then he became inspired. This is his story (thus far) of becoming a music junkie.

PLEASE READ PAGE 1 - The awakening to the Master.

page 2 - The Trip to Colorado - First Flight

page 3 - Other YES fans

page 4 - Are we there yet?

page 5 - YES!!!

page 6 - photos of Rick Wakeman... really.


page 8 - art photos of prog art rock band.

page 9 - Circus of Heaven.... Going home

page 10 - the Next Adventure

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